our approach as landscape designers


Design is specific to its particular site, functions and client goals. Concepts of sustainability, collaboration, contextual appropriateness are inherant in our design approach and the foundation of good design.

Our designs are guided by our appreciation and respect for natural processes and the convergence of those principles with socially responsible design and development. As steward of both the design and environment we are considering the short term and long term impacts for respectful, sound, functional solutions appropriate for present but also longer lasting as the needs and functions evolve and the landscape matures. We understand that project design through construction is not a closed loop but rather an on going environmental relationship.

The design approach and process fosters interaction and collaboration with both the client and design team profesionals. We value our relationships with our clients and work closely with them to meet their needs, goals and specific requirements of the site and setting. Relationships with integrated professional design teams are critical to both efficient design process and innovative and responsible design solutions.

Contextual design brings a sensitivity that recognizes and fits design to the character of both the built environment and the natural context. With these concepts we synthesize our client's needs with the essence of the site or region and its surrounding architecture.

We have strong foundations in landscape architecture, architecture and planning with creative application of design with technology. These are complemented by current and innovative horticulture, environmental protection measures and construction practices and materials.